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About Us

First encounter:

We meet you, then we greet your home.

A warm “welcome” is the beginning for a delightful endeavour. To meet with you for a cup of coffee, to get to acquaint with you is our priority. How would you like to design your home? What colour palette reflect your taste? Would you favour simplicity? Or, would you be interested in classical furnishing? Following a cosy conversation, our team departs to work in the light of your preferences, taste and desire.

Team Work:

Our expert architects begin to draw the project for your house.

Remember, there is a team working for your desired house. Our architects consider the smallest details while projecting your preferences.
Projects drawn with alternatives are organised as a presentation for you. As you choose the project which excites you the most, rest of the work entails to the details.

Home Spirit

We assist you while deciding on the colours and materials to be used.

Your choices determine your home’s character. We settle upon the colour range and different materials to use in the project of your choice.

Selecting supplementary decorations:

We value the smallest touches to ensure you have a unique house.

Have you known that a luminaire may change the entire atmosphere of your lounge? From lighting to curtains; from carpets to the ornaments on your coffee table, we decide on everything together.

Eager Wait:

We enjoy the end of this tiring process with you, in your renewed home.

We enter a phase of eagerness and joy both for you and for us. As all the choices are made, we begin the production with the utmost importance on high quality service. Each and every piece is doubled checked to meet to high quality standards. You should be sure that your products will be delivered sharply on time. As your products are readied, they are neatly packaged and loaded in the containers to be delivered to your address. Lastly, we will be guest in your new home and handle the entire instalment process, leaving you with the pleasure to enjoy the rest.

Blessed to have met you!


Yusuf El Amadi

Qatar Steel, Operator Engineer


Mohd Mandani

A Bank, Senior Manager


Abdüllaziz El Amadi

Qatar Petrole, Project Manager


Fahad Badar

A Bank, Senior Manager


Faisal Alzeghıbı

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our Team

Urkaya Exclusive birbirinden farklı disiplinlerde profesyonel ekip üyeleri barındırmaktadır.

Rasim Coşkun

Store Manager


A.Emre Mert

Interior Designer


Ersin Bayar

Project Coordinator


Yasemin Urkaya

Digital Marketing